Aftermarket pioneers

In 1952, Bernie Sacks and Stan Saletko, lifelong friends from Chicago's Franklin Park neighborhood, founded S&S Truck and Tractor Parts, Inc. After years in the surplus military truck parts business, the two partners devised a novel idea: to reverse engineer transmission and differential truck gears in European factories. It was Sacks and Saletko who first established the aftermarket for new heavy duty drivetrain truck parts in North America.

Over the next decades, S&S significantly expanded its product offering, sourcing diverse product lines from OEM factories around the world and assembling components in the US. In early 1980, Rick Hoffman became a partner in the company. Mr. Hoffman's contributions, including introducing the NewStar brand and launching major private label parts programs with OEM truck manufacturers were instrumental to our growth.

S&S recently concluded a succession plan in which ownership passed to the next generation: Steve Sacks and DJ Hoffman are now managing partners of the company, with Narinder Hundal as partner and Vice-President. We are immensely proud of our heritage and delighted to continue as a family-owned company.