Aftermarket pioneers

In 1952, lifelong friends Bernie Sacks and Stan Saletko founded S&S Truck and Tractor Parts, Inc. After years in the surplus truck parts business, the two partners began to engineer and import their own transmission and differential truck gears from European factories. It was Sacks and Saletko who first established the aftermarket for new heavy duty drivetrain truck parts in North America.

Now known as S&S Truck Parts, the company significantly expanded its product offering, sourcing diverse product lines from OEM factories around the world and assembling components in the US. In early 1980, Rick Hoffman became a partner in the company and introduced the NEWSTAR brand.

In 2017, Bernie Sacks and Rick Hoffman sold S&S Truck Parts to their sons: DJ Hoffmann and Steve Sacks. DJ and Steve lead the company thought some of its best growth years then decided to solicit outside investment in order to put S&S Truck Parts on a hyper-growth trajectory.

In 2022, S&S cemented a partnership with Investcorp, a global alternative investment firm. Later that year, S&S Truck Parts acquired Midwest Truck & Auto Parts, another Chicago-area company, with aspirations to go forward with the best from both beloved companies and form a truly world-class aftermarket parts company.

We are immensely proud of our heritage and 70+ years of serving our customers.