What our customers are saying

“The professionalism of the entire team is second to none and is a first-class operation. They take "be easy to do business with" to the highest level. Their field team is always available to help!

S&S came in and helped us identify what current products we were buying that they could offer an alternative product for at a greatly reduced cost without sacrificing quality. Since we have partnered with S&S, we have seen our sales grow and margins improve big time. Being able to offer an alternative quality part at a reasonable price gives our customers options they haven't had before, which they really appreciate.

I recommend S&S to those who need options to give their customers and as a solution for a broad based all makes truck and trailer alternative source”

General Manager

West Coast

“I do business with S&S because of their sales team. Why? Because their support in all situations is 100% professional and fair. They are constantly calling and following up. They focus on relationships with myself and my customers.

S&S has helped by providing great service and working through any problems or technical support that is needed to support my customer base. This has resulted in additional business and happy customers, which strengthens the business relationship and causes me to direct more of my purchasing toward S&S.

I recommend S&S to anyone who wants to grow their business and customer base with the 100% peace of mind that you have a great product. But more importantly, the support you need to actively pursue new business and retain and grow existing business.”

Outside Sales Manager

Heavy Duty Truck Parts, Service & Sales
Southern CA

“I do business with S&S because of their all makes parts offering, which has improved my ability to beat the competition. The results of our partnership have been great, and I recommend S&S to companies who need an all makes supplier.”

Parts Manager


“S&S provides great customer service, great pricing and great products. They have opened the door to more aftermarket products to fit my customers’ needs. The combination of all of these has resulted in more business for our stores.”

Parts Manager


“S&S offers good service and parts and is very responsive to us, which has resulted in increased business over time. I recommend them to any company that needs truck and trailer parts.”



“S&S has what I need, when I need it, and at a fair price. They source parts for military applications and body parts for heavy duty trucks. The result was that I was able to secure more military subcontract work than ever before. S&S provides quality parts, fair pricing, fast order fulfillment, good communication about back ordered products, and a no hassle part defect credit.”


Fleet Maintenance Facility and USARC Refurbishment Subcontractor